Introducing SyncHub

The team at Blackball have been busy this year working on both some really exciting client projects as well as a little project of our own - SyncHub, a cloud based platform that helps businesses connect all their data to the reporting tool of their choice.

The Dilemma of Being a Non-Technical Founder in an All Tech World

There are generally two types of founders, those who have the technical skills to deliver a minimum viable product and those who don’t.  We loosely refer to this second group as non-technical founders, and unfortunately they are often placed at a disadvantage because without the personal expertise to build their product, they need to buy it.

True Object Oriented CSS using C#

We share how Blackball has created an object-oriented framework for writing CSS. By using C# to describe our CSS, we open up the full power of interfaces, abstraction and inheritance, as well as a few extra bonus features.

How we saved over $23,000 in Microsoft Azure subscription costs

Deploying software to the cloud has offered amazing benefits in regards to scalability, uptime and infrastructure management however it is easy to miscalculate the true costs of services which can snowball over time if not properly managed.

One of our clients asked if we could review their Azure subscription and infrastructure requirements as their subscription costs had been creeping up and were a now a sizable outgoing for their business. Here’s what we found…